Volume 1, Issue 3 (40% Discount)

Volume 1, Issue 3 (40% Discount)

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Volume 1, Issue 3:  Every action we take is imprinted with the impulses, joys, and sorrows of the Ancestors.  We are never truly alone; when we move, they move with us.  During the Tide of Reflection, let us remember and honor the Ancestors.

Magicae Artes:  Death Mask, Ancestor Contact (Nirvanah Randell), Army of the Dead (Anonymous); Poetry:  Waseenah, Great Grand Mother (Patricia Ares-Christian), Storm (Robert Beveridge), Programming (Kamari Bright), Ceremony (K. Etinaé), Milkteeth: An Offering, Mother Wound (T.m. Lawson), DNA (Jaboor Noor), Altar, The Wayward Sisters (Leticia Urieta), Psalm of the Suomalanien (Elizabeth Vrenios); Fiction:  Winter's Night (Lise Christofferson), The Stallion (Shawn Goldberg), Island of the Dead (Bayveen O'Connell), The Lucky Ones (Adam Tie); Non-Fiction:  Alkebulan (Kim-Marie Walker); Art/Photography:  Eugenia Bathoriya (Czech Republic), Robert Steven Connett (U.S.), Diana Dihaze (Ukraine), Desirée Isphording (U.S.), TAOTYAM (France).

Description:  122 Pages (Color).  6" (152 mm) x 8" (203 mm).

Available Formats: Paperback, Digital

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