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III(I): Words of Power

Summer 2019:

  • Theme: Herbal Alchemy

  • Type: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry

  • Deadline: March 1, 2019

  • Guidelines

Words are seals of the mind, results—or, more correctly stations—of an infinite series of experiences, which reach from an unimaginably distant past into the present, and which feel their way into an equally unimaginable distant future. They are ‘the audible that clings to the inaudible,’ the forms and potentialities of thought, which grow from that which is beyond thought.
— Lama Anagarika Govinda

In the right combination, words can begin or end wars, heal or fracture the mind. For our fall issue, exalt the power of words. Experiment with density, blank space, and alphabet. But beware of the Abyss; lifeless words will flicker out, consumed by nothingness. Yet, there is hope for a select few.  The Abyss will birth a new life.  After obliteration, synthesis, and recombination, rejected submissions, chosen by means of divination, will become a new, original work.


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III(II): Herbal Alchemy