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II(I): Divine Androgyne (LGBT)

Spring 2018

  • Theme:  Divine Androgyne (LGBT)
  • Type: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Art, Photography
  • Deadline: November 1, 2017

The Divine Androgyne symbolizes the process of differentiation and reunification of polarities.  The symbol is dynamic and alive, never static, and contemplation of the living symbol may elucidate insight into the LGBT spirit.  The initialism of queer identity is equivalent to taking snapshots of the Divine Androgyne during its unfolding and infolding.  The entire process is divine, and as aspects of the divine, so too is the queer spirit.  Rites of passage (coming out, transitioning, etc.), queer myths, and non-binary deity practices help to enrich and possibly save lives by validating and honoring the experience of the queer spirit.  For our spring 2018 issue, we invite you to share stories, images, poetry, essays, and rituals that honor the magic of LGBT spirituality.

Artwork: "The Androgyne" by Mariana Palova

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