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I(IV): Sphere of Luna

Winter 2017:

  • Theme:  Sphere of Luna
  • Type: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Art, Photography
  • Deadline: CLOSED
You should pay attention to the Moon in all workings, as the foremost of the planets, because she has the most manifest effects and judges all things in this world, and to her belong the powers of generation and corruption, and she is the mediatrix of their effects; for she received the influences and impressions of all the stars and planets, and pours them down onto the inferior things of this world.” - Picatrix

The Moon lifts the veil of matter and reveals to us the Machinery of the Universe.  Within her, images born of universal consciousness rise and fall in the Astral Light; all that is created is prepared for crystallization into matter.  She is the carousel of faces.  Her nature is seductive, cyclical, and rhythmic.  She speaks in allegory, symbol, and myth.  For our winter issue, abandon realism and enter the Moon’s Treasure House of Images to retrieve stories, poetry, art, essays, and rituals that transmit lunar energy.

Artwork: "Moon" by Jodie Muir 

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