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I(II):  Tarot Series I

Tarot Series I is the first in a series of our Tarot themed issues and explores The Fool, The Hanged Man, Judgment, and The World.

Magicae Artes:  Rite of the Oneiroi for Prophetic Dreams (T. Kallis), Tria Prima (Eric Schwartz), Heart and Feather: A Crystal Grid (Helen Ward); Poetry:  The Fool (Lori Gravley), Intermission (Betsy Housten), Card Zero, The Fool (Kim Jacobs-Beck), Hanged Woman (Jennifer Lothrigel), The World (Karen Mandell), Into Forever (Maya Obregon), Solve et Coagula (Angeliska Polacheck), Tarot Harlequinade (Lorraine Schein), Tarot Nights (Taunja Thomson); Fiction:  Judgment Day (Kara Dennison), Hanged (Artv K.); Non-Fiction:  Zero Point: Tarot Spread (Judy Morris); Art/Photography:  Andreea Cernestean (Romania), Angelina Goncharova (Russia), Jennifer Lothrigel (U.S.), Naila Nur (Canada), Erokhina Olya (Russia), Zac Shiffer (U.S.), Andrei Vishnyakov (Russia)

Single Issue Rate:  Paperback $15.99 USD

Available June 30, 2017


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