II(I): Divine Androgyne

Spring 2018



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  • II(I): Divine Androgyne (Spring 2018)
  • II(II): Tarot Series II (Summer 2018)
  • II(III): Words of Power (Fall 2018)

Format:  Paperback. Full Color. 6" (152 mm) x 8" (203 mm) x Approx. 120 pp.

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 "Moon" by Jodie Muir

"Moon" by Jodie Muir


Volume 1, Issue 4:  The Moon lifts the veil of matter and reveals to us the Machinery of the Universe.  Within her, images born of universal consciousness rise and fall in the Astral Light; all that is created is prepared for crystallization into matter.  She is the carousel of faces.  Her nature is seductive, cyclical, and rhythmic.  She speaks in allegory, symbol, and myth.  For our winter issue, abandon realism and enter the Moon’s Treasure House of Images.

Fiction: Witch Woman and Her Forgetful Lover (A.K. Kelly), The Giving (T.K. Tolbert); Non-Fiction: A Naked Moment (Rev. Judith Laxer); Poetry: Lady Moon Remembers and Mourns: 5 Songs (John Barrale). Lunar Hunger (Elancharan Gunasekaran), Moon Phases, Moon Milk (Stella Wulf), Kamari (Kamari Bright), To Choose Moonlight (J.A. Grier), Luna (Alison Goodhew), Satellite (Conyer Clayton), It Was Dark and She (Heather Truett), Rendezvous in Space (Phyllis Wax), Caught Familiar (Lorraine Schein), 13 Ways of Looking at the Moon (Cynthia Gallaher); Magicae Artes: Vitalization of the Lunar Essence (Leonis Keys), Moon Crystal Elixir (Helen Ward); Art/Photography: Jodie Muir (U.K.), Mariana Palova (Mexico), Mariette Papic (U.S.), MindTuber (Czech Republic), Caryn Drexl (U.S.).

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Format:  Paperback. Full Color. 6" (152 mm) x 8" (203 mm) x 117 pp.


 "Ancestors" by Desirée Isphording

"Ancestors" by Desirée Isphording

I(III): Ancestors

Volume 1, Issue 3:  Every action we take is imprinted with the impulses, joys, and sorrows of the Ancestors.  We are never truly alone; when we move, they move with us.  During the Tide of Reflection, let us remember and honor the Ancestors.

Fiction: Winter's Night (Lise Christofferson), The Stallion (Shawn Goldberg), Island of the Dead (Bayveen O'Connell), The Lucky Ones (Adam Tie); Non-Fiction:  Alkebulan (Kim-Marie Walker);  Poetry:  Waseenah, Great Grand Mother (Patricia Ares-Christian), Storm (Robert Beveridge), Programming (Kamari Bright), Ceremony (K. Eltinaé), Milkteeth: An Offering, Mother Wound (T.m. Lawson), DNA (Jaboor Noor), Altar, The Wayward Sisters (Leticia Urieta), Psalm of the Suomalanien (Elizabeth Vrenios); Magicae Artes:  Death Mask, Ancestor Contact (Nirvanah Randell); Art/Photography: Eugenia Bathoriya (Czech Republic), Robert Steven Connett (U.S.), Diana Dihaze (Ukraine), Desirée Isphording (U.S.), TAOTYAM (France).

Price: $15.99 (USD). Free Shipping (US 48).  International Rates.

Format:  Paperback. Full Color. 6" (152 mm) x 8" (203 mm) x 115 pp.

 "Judgement" by Zac Shiffer

"Judgement" by Zac Shiffer

I(II): Tarot Series I

Volume 1, Issue 2:  Tarot Series I is the first in a series of our Tarot themed issues and explores The Fool, The Hanged Man, Judgement, and The World.

Fiction: Judgment Day (Kara Dennison), Hanged (Artv K); Non-Fiction: Zero Point: Tarot Spread (Judy Morris); Poetry:  After the Flood (Christine Bettis). The Fool (Lori Gravley), Intermission (Betsy Housten), Card Zero, The Fool (Kim Jacobs-Beck), The Hanged Woman (Jennifer Lothrigel), The World (Karen Mandell), Into Forever (Maya Obregon), Solve et Coagula (Angeliska Polacheck), Tarot Harlequinade (Lorraine Schein), Tarot Night (Taunja Thomson); Magicae Artes: Rite of the Oneiroi for Prophetic Dreams (T. Kallis), Heart & Feather: A Crystal Grid (Helen Ward); Art/Photography: Andreea Cernestean (Romania), Olga Erokhina (Russia), Angelina Goncharova (Russia), Jennifer Lothrigel (U.S.), Naila Nur (Canada), Zac Shiffer (U.S.), Andrei Vishnyakov (Russia).

Price: $15.99 (USD).  Free Shipping (US 48).  International Rates.

Format:  Paperback. Full Color. 6" (152 mm) x 8" (203 mm) x 122 pp.

 "Druid's Egg" by Incantata

"Druid's Egg" by Incantata

I(I): Womb, Egg, Phallus, Seed

Volume 1, Issue 1:  Enter the path of the Mysteries through the symbols of Womb, Egg, Phallus, Seed.  Mature Content.

Fiction: Yolk (A. Cross), Womb (George Salis); Non-Fiction: Seed of Magick, Tree of Intention (Judy Morris); Poetry: Wortcunning (Brenda Mann Hammack), Sac, seed, boil (T.m. Lawson), Other Mother dances (Megan Merchant), Lilith Offering Adam a Long-Awaited Explanation (Ruth Sabath Rosenthal), Hex (Amanda Yskamp); Magicae Artes: Spira Mirabilis (Karen Duhamel), The Cosmic Progenitor (Thomas Jacobson), Elemental Attunement, Elemental Gateways & Inner Temples, Trial of the Feathered Serpent, Transmutation of Silver Plumage (Leonis Keys); Art: Marcela Boliver (Colombia), Oana Cambrea (Romania), Incantata (Italy), Ona Loots (South Africa), Kevin Rolly (U.S.),  Lente Scura (U.S.), Katrina Sesum (U.K.), Jeroen van Valkenburg (Netherlands).

Price: $15.99 (USD). Free Shipping (US 48).  International Rates.

Format:  Paperback. Full Color  6" (152 mm) x 8" (203 mm) x 119 pp.