Elemental Attunement



Elemental Attunement is an exercise of concentration and inner-vision conditioning using the classical elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The guided visualization is an essential practice in preparation for any magical act because it functions as a barometer of the mind’s “weather.”  You will receive immediate feedback if your mind is distracted or unbalanced, and the completed practice refocuses and settles the mind.  The attunement also generates an access point to enter the inner worlds through the elemental gateways. [1]


4-6 minutes.  Up to 10 minutes using advanced techniques.


The Elemental Attunement is performed entirely in vision; however, a physical altar may be used to aid in the visualization of the altar’s astral appearance.  The text may be recorded for playback or read aloud by a guide in group practice.  While recording or reading aloud, pause frequently to allow sufficient time for the images to develop.  After 3-4 sessions, you will be able to complete the attunement without accompaniment and rely only on the calls to direct the vision.

The calls and sequence will fall into memory through repetition.  Once spoken, a call triggers an action to occur within the vision.  At first, you will actively direct the vision, but once you establish familiarity with the practice and develop a relationship with the elements, the vision will respond immediately to the calls.

The vision consists of awakening the altar, orienting the awareness, activating the conduit, and directing the elements.   If at any time you lose connection to the vision by mixing-up colors or spacing out, close the conduit and begin again.   Always end each session by closing the conduit and releasing the altar.

Supplies (Optional)

White Altar Cloth,
Elemental Candles (1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green) [2]
Conduit [3]

Altar Arrangement

Elemental candles at each cardinal direction upon the altar.
Conduit at the center of the altar.
Remove all other implements and figures.


Light each candle beginning with Air, and proceed clockwise.
Light the conduit, if using a candle.
Perform the Three-Breath Relaxation. [4]

The Vision

Awaken the elemental altar.  I CALL UPON THE ALTAR OF ELEMENTS

The elemental altar appears in your mind’s eye.
Candles flicker at each quarter, and the conduit sits at the center.
Direct your awareness to
The flame of the air candle in the east,
The flame of the fire candle in the south,
The flame of the water candle in the west,
The flame of the earth candle in the north,
And the point or flame of the conduit in the center.

Activate the conduit.  AWAKEN

A light ray from each elemental candle illuminates the conduit creating an elemental cross of light.
Direct your awareness to the conduit.
The conduit glows with the four elemental colors.

Call the air element.  AIR.
A swirl of warm mist rises from the conduit.
Observe the qualities of Air.
Release the air element.   RELEASE.
The mist evaporates.

Call the fire element.  FIRE.
A flame ignites above the conduit.
Observe the qualities of Fire.
Release the fire element.  RELEASE.
The fire fades.

Call the water element.  WATER.
A fountain of water rises from the conduit.
Observe the qualities of Water.
Release the water element.  RELEASE.
The fountain withdraws.

Call the earth element.   EARTH.
A young tree grows out of the conduit.
Observe the qualities of Earth.
Release the earth element.  RELEASE.
The tree retracts.

Close the conduit.  RETURN.
The elemental lights fade.

Release the elemental altar.  I RELEASE THE ALTAR OF ELEMENTS.
The elemental altar fades.

Advanced Techniques

Elemental Interaction:  Call two elements at a time.  Observe their combined qualities.  Release both elements.

Enhancement:  Refer to the Inner Expressions of each element in Appendix A.  Select a quality you wish to enhance.  For example, to find inspiration, select the Air element.   Summon the element.  Envision tendrils of light in the appropriate color emanating from the element and entering your brow.  Release the element.  Complete the attunement again in its entirety.

Balancing:   Alternate between opposing elements.   Call and release Fire, then Water.  Call and release Air, then Earth.  Cycle through each pairing up to five times.

[1] The Elemental Gateways practice appears in NILVX I(I).
[2] Adjust as needed to accord with your tradition.
[3] A large single-terminated quartz situated with the point up or a white candle.
[4] The Three-Breath Relaxation practice appears in NILVX I(I).  Alternatively, you may perform a grounding and centering practice.

NOTE:  The text has been slightly modified from the original version that appears in NILVX I(I).

Leonis Keys has practiced and studied magic for almost three decades.  In addition to his magical background, he has practiced vipassana meditation for the past 15 years.  His work appears in NILVX I(I) and NILVX I(IV), and he is currently working on his first book.

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