The word NILVX (nil-lux) suggests creation and expansion; a “big-bang” if you will, and though undefinable, embodies a process:  NIL, nothingness, the absence of all, out of which LVX, or light, emerges.  NILVX: A Book of Magic is an immersive, experiential anthology that rewards the reader who contemplates each image, poem, and story, and participates in the practices contained herein.  Each issue explores a different theme, and as a whole, functions as a magical rite in which the pieces work in concert to transform the mind.
— Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 1

NILVX is a quarterly anthology of magic(k), mysticism, and the occult.  We bring together the work of writers and artists from around the world to amplify magical themes and symbols through ritual, poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and art.   The survived history of magic and the occult is built upon a legacy of artists and visionaries, and whether you are drawn to the Mysteries or actively involved with the magical community, NILVX offers a platform to build upon that legacy in word, image, and idea.

NILVX is published in print and digital four times a year with rolling submission periods.


M.L. Anderson
Cassandra Brier


The Mage's Lantern LLC
P.O. Box 361012
Los Angeles, CA 90036


ISSN 2475-479X (Print)
ISSN 2475-4803 (Online)