VOL 2, ISS. 1:

 "Blood Orange" by Mariana Palova

"Blood Orange" by Mariana Palova



"Today I peel a blood orange,
which reminds me of you—not the fruit
itself, though your beauty is the same:
at once of and not of man’s earth.

As my thumbs cleave the flesh from the pith,
I think of the women we knew, their ritual
when you read that poem about a blood orange.
Their backs suddenly straight, their fine

slim fingers tucked, stiff into their laps.
And when I told you this, once, that the women
clung to something in your lines about
hidden folds never fully unfolding

as you pored through them, the orange a you,
through her perfectly framed entrance
to more mystery, you laughed."

Vol. 1, Iss. 4:
SPhere of LUna

 "The Star's Enchanter" by Mariana Palova

"The Star's Enchanter" by Mariana Palova


Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 4

"The moon has always drawn to herself those sensitive souls who seek to understand and play in her realm. She is host to the artist, the philosopher, the witch, and the lunatic, and she rewards each for their devotion, for they are all one and the same."


Vol. 1, Iss. 3:

 "V Pustote" by Diana Dihaze

"V Pustote" by Diana Dihaze


"The Lucky Ones"
by Adam Tie

"On the night of my father’s 71st birthday, we burned an extra candle in celebration. His cheery disposition had quelled and slipped into morose. Feathers had grown across his arms in patches, and I could trace blood from the excessive scratching as they burned with irritation. Atarah tried desperately to persuade him to pluck them out, but that only made him more stubborn to keep them."


Vol. 1, Iss. 2:
Tarot Series I

 "Afflatus" by Angelina Goncharova

"Afflatus" by Angelina Goncharova


"Judgment Day"
by Kara Dennison

"For all we’d been taught, the dials were delicate scientific instruments that read the vibrations of a soon-to-depart soul and attract them, like a sort of magnetism, to the bed. Half a notch too high or too low and you could turn a soul inside-out or blast it to bits."


Vol. 1, Iss. 1:
Womb, Egg, Phallus, Seed

 "Still in a Dream" by Marcela Bolívar

"Still in a Dream" by Marcela Bolívar


"Other Mother dances"
by Megan Merchant

"Other Mother dances

for hours

is tentacled,
the way a long winter
barbs into spring,

a careless arrangement
of arms and legs

as if the music
is as much background
as moon—

there to pale
her skin
against the dark."