NILVX I(I) /  Words: "Hex" by Amanda Yskamp  /  Artwork: "La Concezione Dei Folli" by Lente Scura


NILVX I(I) is currently in development, and our premiere issue's theme of "Womb, Egg, Phallus, Seed" has brought to us words and images that are fervid, captivating, and, at times, unsettling.  The power of a single word to shift consciousness is undeniable.  As we piece together the first issue, it is becoming more apparent that NILVX has taken on a life of its own.

NILVX I(I) will be available in March 2017 in both digital and print editions.   To become a part of this project, click Submit for details on our Summer 2017 “Tarot” issue and Fall 2017 “Ancestors” issue.

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